‘BECOMING’ The Woman Of Her Dreams

We met during our first year of varsity as each others house mates, with only a couple of rooms between us our frequent encounters at the showers and at the kitchen LITERALLY cooking up a storm made us gradually acquainted with each other. Although we were both studying completely different things our equal drive (hers more than mine) and passion for our studies continued to be our common denominator – we went from insane study buddies to soul sisters in no time. She has been my ride or die for a minute now and we have shared both the good times and the bad. As my first guest (this sounds rather fancy), Onalenna Sekoboane is an aspiring CA(SA) and my all time fave. To ease into things, I just had three questions for her and this is what she had to say…

What Made You Take The CA Route?

Many might say that they chose to study Charted Accountancy because you get to play with the rand sign quite a lot than usual and honestly speaking yes, but that’s not solely the reason why I took a wise step into this field. Being in the corporate world and networking amongst influential business figures has always gave me a thrill rush, making me eager to start my own legacy – a long-life dream.  The Charted Accountancy profession is a field that pushes an individual to craft their goals and be patient within the process. It requires discipline and commitment. I love playing with numbers and I’m quite a disciplined eager young woman. So why not? That CA(SA) designation makes everything cuter.

You Have Made It This Far. Is There Anything You Wish You Knew Before Coming Into Varsity?

Varsity is a roller-coaster ride I did not prepare for. If there is one thing I wish someone stressed to me before I went to varsity is that TIME IS CRUCIAL AND SPENT WISELY. It’s like your last R100, you must make sure that every rand there adds value. Also that IT IS OKAY TO TAKE BREAKS. A little bit of coffee from Starbucks for a good hour wouldn’t hurt a girl.

What Are You Looking Forward To In The Future?

The future excites me! I look forward to building a legacy. Making my name a definite brand. Working with influential corporate figures and generating great ideas that will convert into a reality. You might be wondering if it is all about work, work, work. Well, 60% of the time yes. But a part of the remaining fraction involves me reading and writing poems, you can call me Rupy with a ‘y’. Strangely and exciting enough, a picture popped in my head a week ago of me heading towards a bookstore to check whether my business novel has sold out. So hey, the future holds a whole island of dreams and opportunities.      

Ona’s hard work and dedication is unmatched and as her friend and the little years we have spent together, I have learnt so much and I know it is only onwards and upwards from here.

Love & Light.

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