My Morning Routine


To this day there are still some songs that give me chills down my spine. One of the most recent memories being Rude Boy by Rihanna. As soon as I hear “Come here rude boy, boy, can you get it up” it is as if I get instant PTSD. I learnt it the hard way that you should never use your favourite song as the jingle to your alarm. If it were up to me, I would have probably used my alarm clock as the most convenient punching bag and spamming the snooze button at the slightest provocation. However, I will forever be grateful to the aunty who helped me through these torturous mornings.

For those who have always been morning people can probably attest to the fact that waking up earlier gives you an opportunity to have a brand-new start to the day accompanied with fresh air and new opportunities. It has only been a couple of years; not that I have finally began to appreciate early mornings… I wish I could tell you that it has been amazing because I can finally fit in a morning workout or a couple of minutes dedicated to meditation but these have been amazing fresh starts to the day I can quickly squeeze in study session or revision I failed to complete the night before. Okay listen, before you judge me (I know this wasn’t the life changing morning routine you expected) but with my gym walls as my witness I have tried countless of times to incorporate gym into my morning. You do know though momma did not raise a quitter so keep and eye for the updated morning routine with wholesome content.

In case you have not figured it out… honestly, I do not have a set morning routine. Mentally I have got a checklist of things I need to do before I leave the house, like make my bed, brush my teeth, and take a shower. Apart form trying to have a cute morning routine there are a couple of things I have started to do in order to make sure my mornings are  more productive – whether I’m trying to have a quick study session or time for a facial mask:

First, and most important, I TRY not to look at my phone, emails or IG for the first 30 minutes after I wake. Hard, right?! There are times when I do it without thinking and it never helps. Our phones are full of things that create a need or situation to respond to or will invoke a strong feeling or reaction. This unneeded and unnecessary interaction to begin my day often throws my whole routine out of whack. So, tip #1: Don’t wake up with your electronics!

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