“It’s Not A Few Bad Apples, The Soil Is Rotten”

We come together & continue to rise, I hope the fire and will to fight ignited in us never dies. It has been an emotionally demanding couple of days, seeing traumatic videos and my people’s painful realities. We still have a long way to go and I believe we are prepared to see it to the end.

Throughout the many inspirational posts I have seen these days, I came across a poem by Sevdaliza which was so well written and filled with truth.

i know it’s painful
but it is long overdue
that you found out
the story that has been given to you
the story that you were born into
is not true

the magazines you read
the movies you watch
the companies you work for
what they teach you in school
the music you listen to
the doctors you visit
the conversations you have

are not a reflection
of the truth
they are a reflection
of a system built to
comfort you
they are built upon a
constructed narrative
a system that separates
and demonizes
a system custom fit to few
and therefore not to
any human beings considered
such as
people of colour
lgbtq+ folx
the disabled and mentally challenged
people judged on their choice of religion
and so forth.. maybe you are surprised by the current uproar
yet you have to realize that so many of us
have been limited in being human
so many have been limited in the access
to basic human rights

to all of you out there
just have respect for our anger
educate yourself
and realize that if you don’t understand us
you probably have been privileged all your life


An absolute word, I hope you enjoyed.

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