Procrastinate With Me

During a job interview I was once asked, “what is your weakness?” and without thinking about it too much I effortlessly said – “well, I procrastinate A LOT”. Obviously he was not surprised cause well, don’t we all… In the midst of the national lockdown I have of course continued to do what i do best.

From one procrastinator to another, here are a couple of videos to keep you going – some insightful and some entertaining.

  1. Three Fine Guys

Oh Three Fine Guys… they are well known to my YouTube’s algorithm for giving my a whole lot of laughs during tough times.

Interpol has named South Africa the “Rape Capital of The World”. I had to bring this one back, we need more real conversations to happen between men. This cannot be the end but only the beginning.

2. Financial Bunny

Nicolette Mashile does it again with her words of wisdom.

I am one frugal human being… but are my saving habits even taking me anywhere? We are never too young to start money conversations with ourselves. Like are you getting the most out of your savings and do you really have money or do you think you have money. Her page really has anything and everything finances.

3. Summer Walker: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Tiny Desk Concert’s have all my data any day…

4. Sinovuyo Mondliwa

Can I add Bachelor of e-commerce from the University of YouTube to my CV, all thanks to our fav lecturer Sino?

5. CUT

Someone said Aliens are coming… with the way things are set up, that sounds just about right.


Personally… the list was not complete without a little Beyoncé.

Essentially, I really could go on all day. It has been extremely cold lately in South Africa and sometimes you don’t want to be hounded about productivity and you just want to curl up in bed and keep it going. If not all of them, I hope you enjoyed a video or two.

love and liiiight xx.

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