For a very long time I wanted to be a doctor because of the life changing shows I was constantly exposed to, then I wanted to be an actress because I was quite the character, then I thought I could probably shake up the justice system and become a lawyer, then I realized maybe I should make a living out of my creativity and become an architect although this kept on alternating with perhaps being a Psychologist. Eventually, I just knew for sure that I want to work with people and whatever it is that I do should be intentional.

One of the many things that makes me tick in life is hearing young people so passionately talk about what they want to be when they grow up and how their career paths are more often than not fueled by their desire to attend to their community’s needs and ‘save the world’. This is where I begin to introduce the importance and power of education because it gives children the opportunity to reach their potential and fulfill their dreams.

TEACHIST is a NPO and digital platform that reaches across all grades from grade 1 to 12, providing learners with learning material as well as educational support.

We believe that every child is able to learn and succeed in school. We are here to help all students who need a little extra help by providing FREE online tutoring and learning with personalized attention. It is our goal that all children have a quality education

Vuyo Nkadimeng, Co-Founder

We got a moment to get a few words from one of the founders of this wonderful organization and platform. This is what he had to say…

Tell us about yourself.

So my name is Vuyo Nkadimeng & my older Brother’s name is Edward Nkadimeng. We grew up in the highvelds of Mpumalanga  (Witbank) and were raised with the ideology of philanthropy, the phrase “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, the philosophy of humanity and human connection had been etched into us since birth and has survived the test of time. We start everyday with the question “How can we shine our light to make the world a better?”

How did you discover your vision of what led you to being Teachist?

Above anything else, the Teachist idea stems from our goal and passion to provide free quality learning to anyone who can access it. This passion comes from our belief that education and educational resources are commodities that everyone needs to have an equal access to. Secondly, to give aid where aid is needed, since the COVID-19 outbreak we have seen a rise in the need for remote access to academic resources, information and tutoring. We took it upon ourselves to help.

In addition to providing learners with educational material and tutoring, under what other circumstances would learners come to you guys for something?

We provide support outside the regular South African curriculum such as incorporating coding for kids, we are also currently working on a machine learning algorithm that tests out the personality of a student and advises which career would be best suited for them and in addition we are planning on various community outreach projects such as a Lego Robotics campaign to introduce robotics and the power of computing in this digital age.

Where do you see Teachist in a couple of months/years?

In the next couple of years, we see Teachist steadily helping others to become successful. Money was never an issue, helping others has been the goal from THE START. Our mission statement is to empower people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to such resources and we plan on being a household name with regards to education in South Africa.

Knowledge is power, and Teachist is surely headed into the right direction in empowering many young minds across the country.

VIST THEIR SITE AND SHARE THEIR GREAT WORK!!! It’s these little things that add up to a brighter future.


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