Life can be crazy

With everything that is going on in the world, whilst your mind is trying to make sense of the fear constantly being thrown out there into the public life isn’t waiting for you and its chunking along. In these moments it easy to be taken over by your thoughts, reality and the unknown. Psychologically when we begin to feel overwhelmed by uncertainty, our mind begins to create its own narrative to form so sort or certainty it can work around. We being to ask ourselves, “what’s the worst that could happen?” and so uhh… cue the negative thoughts please. In moments of being overwhelmed, adding fearful thoughts to the situation only knocks you down while you are already out. You need to come back to yourself, take a step back to give yourself an opportunity to create hopeful feelings rather

Be gentle with yourself and others

You’re doing the best you can with overwhelming information. So simply pay attention to what you were doing and thinking when you start to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. When you begin to gain awareness around what triggers you, you give yourself the opportunity to respond more mindfully. Focus your attention on something that leaves you, and other people, feeling good instead.

Limit how much media you consume

It’s important to stay up to date with current news but this process of staying informed does not need to engulf you! Spending an hour on your phone reading a social media thread is really not going to serve your well-being and will likely just spike overwhelm and anxiety. So, become a conscious and mindful consumer of media.

Love your body

It’s so easy to numb out anxious feelings with low energy foods and booze. This avoidance strategy will likely just leave you feeling more overwhelmed and crappier later on. So really practice self-care by respecting and loving your body as best you can. You can also discover how to boost your immunity here. Focus on conscious, and medically sound, actions to keep your body in good health.

Nurture your inner world

An easy way to feel good is simply by focusing on what feels good. Here’s a quick list of some things that you can try: Watch shows that feel good and that don’t spike your anxiety. Call up your friends and have a good chat. Dance in your living room to music that lifts your spirit. Take an online course. Read more books. Spend time in nature. Use this time of active social distancing to nurture your inner world. Create art or journal. Go on a virtual museum tour. Practice meditation.

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