The Mindset To Keep Going

Let’s take a step back and think about the courage and confidence we’ve had to tap into over the course of our lives. Have you ever overcome an adversity in your past? Most of us have, and we can rise to the occasion again.

1) Acknowledgment.

Acknowledge fear and anxiety with yourself and your team directly, in a tone that is calm and confident. For example:

I notice there is a lot of emotion about going back to work, and that’s completely understandable.

By facing fear, really looking it in the eyes, and making peace with it, we disable its ability to frighten us.

2) Gratitude.

Have a moment of gratitude and compassion for yourself, your colleagues, and your clients. For example:

I am grateful for the health of myself and my colleagues, for the work that I am able to do, and for the clients I serve.

Taking a step outside of yourself can be very powerful.

3) Prioritization.

Decide what you have control over, and take action toward those things.

Lack of control is the great driver of anxiety and fear, so take some control over what you can in your inner and outer world.

4) Setting expectations.

Choose one or two words that set your intention for the day. For example:

Today I choose to remain calm and present.

Really think about how you want to be remembered once we pass through this particular period in history, and start living into that person today.

Whether it’s going back to work or venturing out in public in any of a number of ways, let’s take control of our emotions and the stories we tell ourselves in an effort to tap into the best version of us. Our families, colleagues, community, companies, and the world are depending on it.

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