Su Casa


Becoming the man or womxn of your dreams requires you to be easy, to take your time and fully engage in your journey of coming home – to yourself.

We all have an endless list of things we want to achieve and dreams we live to see the day we conquer. As Becoming Online, I believe that your vision of being the next CEO, the number one sports player or even the face on all our screens is absolutely within your reach – it is filled with so much excitement and possibilities so surely your journey should be one that is wholesome, learning about life’s little secrets along the way.

This is a space that is open to talk with you and not at you. Things are not always black and white and so we will be exploring our own truths as we engage.


You are so intelligent . You are more than capable. You are open to endless and new possibilities. You achieve.

Yep, I know. Today you might have your dream job in mind, tomorrow you might want to also start your own business and just when you thing you’ve got it all figured out, you really just want to breathe and you will figure it out later or along the way. From people who have walked the journey before and those who are in it with us, here I will be sharing tips about life, career and I know I need some health advise for sure! Basically this is your home of a whole lot of awesome, hand picked for anyone and everyone.

Anyways Fam… Shall we? 🥂


Hey! My name is Ndimenhle, perhaps I should be more formal and sound extremely focussed but really I’m such a goofball (a cute and focussed goofball). Let me rather just share a couple of fun facts about myself and you can have the opportunity to pick out what you think is important – or cool.

  • Born and raised in South Africa – Johannesburg to be more specific.
  • I complete my trips around the sun on the 3rd of April, of course I am an Aries.
  • Recently graduated from the University of Witwatersrand and currently completing my honours degree.
  • I vicariously live my life through the lives of amazing YouTubers – absolutely love vlogs.
  • If I ever leave my day job, just know I’m telling people I’m an artist and painting their walls.
  • I spend my free time at my 9-5 as a Business Analyst intern.

All my crazy and fun endeavours will also find a home on this platform.